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Leading UK Manufacturer of Packaging Machinery C.E.King Limited

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King Packaging Machinery - C.E.King Limited
King Packaging Machinery - C.E.King Limited

Filling and Capping Machines from C.E.King Limited

Packaging Machinery Manufacturer C.E.King Limited have been manufacturing and supplying liquid filling, tablet capsule counting, bottle capping and container labelling machines for over 75 years. 

King packaging machines and filling lines are being operated worldwide within Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Animal and Veterinary, Cosmetics and Skincare, Toiletries and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Household Chemicals and Cleaning Products, Chemical and Agrochemical, Automotive and Oil Lubricants, CBD Oils and Hemp Oils and many other Market Sectors and Industries.

C.E.King also supply bottle unscrambling machinery, straight and side flexing conveyor bottle transport systems, King spare parts and accessories, second hand and overhauled King packaging machines for sale, upgrades for TB4, TB4S, TB5, TC8 and TC12 automatic tablet counter machines and custom designed and manufactured semi-automatic packaging machines, sealing machines, automatic bottling equipment, pill slats for all types of tablets and capsules.

King also provide onsite service, spares and support for the thousands of King machines installed at manufacturing facilities around the world including the following King models: KT340, KT360, King ILKT automatic filling machine range, King Technofill, C E King Kingfisher liquid filling machines and the C E King SC4, SC10, SC20 King slat counting and tablet filling machines. King also supply change parts, spares and service for the King capping machine range such as the CS50, CS60, caps 80, CS120, CS180, ISEC 150, ISC 120, ISC 100. C.E.King team also provide service, spares and support for KT341 benchtop liquid fillers, tablet counters, slat counting machines, CF100 cotton wool inserting machines, LH5 self-adhesive labelling machine and other packaging machinery.

 Any questions? We would be more than happy to answer them for you as soon as possible, so get in touch!   

King semi-automatic and automatic liquid filling machines are ideal for filling liquid medicines, mouthwash, eyewash, liquid multivitamins, liquid supplements, syrups, suspensions, ointments, gels, hand wash, hand sanitiser, liquid soap, shower gels, bath oils, body scrubs, lotions, shampoo, hair conditioner, hibiscrub, colourants and hair dye, moisturisers, toners, cosmetic creams, glass cleaner, kitchen spray, floor cleaner, antiseptic liquids, disinfectants, liquid detergents, washing up liquid, dishwasher liquids, rinse aid, fabric conditioner, antibiotics, anaesthetics, biopharmaceuticals, fuel additives, vinegar, e liquids, e juice, CBD oils, hemp oils, oil lubes,  flavourings, weed killer, motor oils, printing ink, release agents, degreaser, cutting fluids, leather dye, scented candles, waterproofing, shoe polish, plant food, fish food, fertilisers, diffusers, herbicides and other fluid products into bottles and containers.

The King range of automatic and semi-automatic tablet counting and filling machines is built to suit all counting needs from small bench top units to fully automatic high output production machines. Optional systems and accessories allow adapting the units to meet various customer application requirements. They  can count a wide range of tablets and capsules in many shapes and sizes such as round and biconvex tablets, caplets, soft gels, minims and gelatin size 00 to 5 capsules and other irregular oral dose formats and tabletted products.  

Automatic tablet counter

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Semi-automatic liquid filling machines

The new King Technocap C100 is a medium speed fully automatic continuous motion press capping machine designed to handle plastic and glass bottles (generally round, square or flask shape designs) with press caps.

 The King Technocount T8 Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine in production line with King Technocap C100 Press Capping Machine is designed to process tablets, pills and capsules up to 6000 pieces per minute with a line speed of up to 100 bottles per minute. 

Automatic press capping machine
Tablet counting and filling capping packaging line